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APS and their team have done a great job of patrolling our apartments and commercial centers. I trust them completely to protect our assets and customers.

Brian D, residential and commercial property owner



“Alpine security has played a pivotal role in ensuring our security program is up to par for our threat level and executive team dynamics.”

Carson L, Corporate Security Director



They come out when called and solve the problem. That’s all I need

Brenda G., Resident


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Case Study One

Large Home Owners Association

In 2016, we initiated services at a large HOA comprising 238 units, with extensive site amenities and impressive water-based landscaping. However, due to the as-then recent recession, absentee landlords and a severe lack of effective security, there were severe issues with transients, constant trespassing, nightly auto burglary, open drug dealing and usage. Multiple units were harboring drug addicts and the on-site manager had been assaulted twice.

We brought in a former US Marine specializing in anti-terrorism to oversee the site and implemented an action plan consisting of static, patrol, dispatch response, resident information gathering and surveillance operations. Within one year, we had made nearly 20 arrests with convictions, dozens of ejections with 602 forms, assisted the HOA and landlords with evicting the drug dealer units and forced any wayward units to follow the rules or face fines.

We still patrol the site to this day, and it is a peaceful and well-secured community with happy residents and increasing property values.


Case Study Two

Large Retail Shopping Center

In 2019, we initiated service at one of the largest shopping centers in Modesto, if not the largest. Consisting of dozens of stores with three large national anchor tenants, the site spanned multiple blocks and had visitors in the thousands per day.

Due to lack of prior security protocols, the site suffered from constant transient activity, loitering, drug dealing, aggressive panhandling, auto burglary, illegal dumping and general quality-of-life issues.

We created an action plan that involved static hour alterations, a specialized patrol schedule based upon customer activity, engaging the business owners and managers with our 24/7 dispatch response line and placing highly experienced personnel in marked patrol vehicles to patrol the site. Further, the uniformed officers were supplemented with rapid backup response from local units and plainclothes managers conducting random surveillance.

The first six months were very active, with many arrests, ejections, trespass advisements and multiple-unit responses. However, very quickly the trespassing, loitering and general lawlessness subsided as the local criminals learned that the location was no longer a trafficiking point for their criminal activities.

The business owners and managers were additional eyes and ears, informing us of known problem persons and contacted us when they needed assistance, effectively extending our coverage. It got to a point where once a manager started calling, the riffraff would disperse as they knew we would be arriving soon.

Currently, the center is secured and under control. Patrons can shop without concern of being accosted and secure in the knowledge that their vehicles are watched. We have received many compliments about how we have turned the site around and still cover it to this day.

Professional and Skilled in Security Protection.

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