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By CEO David R. Gorsuch

Security Services Overview

I started Alpine Protective Solutions in response to the need for high-quality and assertive security at HOA’s and businesses. My background is a former US Army Airborne Infantryman and high-risk bodyguard for VIP’s and their families. I took the concepts I learned from both professions and applied it to the uniformed security field to create a professional, modernized and sophisticated operation, incorporating recruitment of quality Security Officer’s, utilizing technological advancements in the field and aggressive enforcement action.

On the strategic level, we focus on hiring only motivated and capable personnel who have a passion for the field, with many of our SO’s being former military veterans and MMA practitioners. From there, we fully train, equip and assist our SO’s to be able to perform their missions to the highest level. We then use all available technology and data collection techniques to monitor our properties, document our actions and continually refine our processes.

On the tactical level, we strongly enforce PC 602 Trespassing to great effect. Any trespassers found will be immediately and assertively documented and ejected from the property, and any refusing to leave will be arrested, charged and booked into jail. As we document all persons we eject via photograph, bodycam and signed advisement, any repeat offenders will be in violation of PC 602 (trespassing) and will be arrested and charged for that offense. Even if the trespasser leaves the site, if we have information on their description, we will find them, confront them and issue a verbal warning. We also routinely enforce city municipal codes for loitering, unauthorized entry of waste containers and illegal camping, as applicable by the city.

David Gorsuch - CEO & President of Alpine Protective SolutionsWe have found that our aggressive and thorough approach quickly secures sites, prevents crime and ensures tenant peace of mind. After a short period of time, word gets out that APS is patrolling the site and the bad guys would rather move on to softer, easier targets rather than to have to deal with us. Lastly, we maintain a 24/7 dispatch and can respond to a wide variety of calls, from noise complaints to crimes in progress.


David R. Gorsuch, CEO

Our Primary Security Services

Patrol for Businesses, HOA’s, Apartments and Corporations

Alpine Protective Solutions Uniformed Security Makes Arrest

Executive Protection
(Bodyguard Services)

Executive Protection Security by Alpine Protective Solutions

Operations Center

Security Threat Assessment

Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

24/7 Dispatch

Multiple Unit Response in Modesto, Ca

Unique APS Services

Documented Offender List (DOL)

This list is well-developed and is derived from encounters with offenders on all APS protected sites. This includes the name, date of birth, previous criminal history, previous residences, known associates, aliases, description, photographs and all previous security encounters on APS protected properties. This information is available for retrieval by Security Officers at anytime, facilitating their arrest if they reoffend on your property. For example, if we formally eject a criminal trespasser in April, we will document their identifying information, photograph them, inform them they are also never allowed back per PC§ 602, have them sign documentation acknowledging it and if they go and trespass a month or even a year later, they will be arrested and charged. This has been used to great affect at other client locations – in an actual incident, a violent felon admitted he feared APS Security Officers more than the police as we are so thorough and aggressive!

Offender Arrest List Examples

Investigations & Court Appearances

We can conduct investigations into ongoing criminal activity, expertly review surveillance video, obtain arrest warrant information, registered owner of vehicles by license plate, background checks and appear in court to testify on any incidents we have observed or investigated. For example, we recently assisted in helping to obtain a successful Unlawful Detainer judgment for a property owner against a very legally astute tenant who was able to prolong the case for months – until we assisted and verified with evidence, including body-cam footage, to the court of the tenants ongoing criminal activity. Below is a license plate search and background check we would use to investigate suspects in a crime:

Investigation and Court Appearance Services with Documentation Examples

Risk & Liability Reduction – Body Worn Cameras

We utilize high-definition body-cams and dash-cams in order to document a crime as it occurs and to reduce the risk of unfounded excessive force complaints. All arrests are done professionally and with the least amount of force possible. All Security Officers are trained to use modern police authorized arrest techniques and the footage will back up our professionalism if required. Below is actual body-cam footage from an arrestee who tried to fight and flee – he didn’t make it and was successfully prosecuted with our evidence.

Risk and Liability Reduction with Body Cameras

Technologically Advanced Tracking

We utilize the latest in tracking and reporting software, allowing you to see movements, checks, reports and pictures of incidents. GPS enabled devices show when and where our Patrol Vehicles have been and the data is retrievable and searchable, delivering accurate information anytime it is needed. A map overlay allows for a graphic representation of patrols, routes taken and areas observed. We value accountability and ensure you are confident that you are getting the services you paid for – you may access the application at anytime. Below is an actual log of Patrol Vehicle 04 (PV04), on a patrol route in Modesto:

Technologically Advanced GPS Tracking
ARTAC Security Patrol Car

Comprehensive Daily Activity Reports

Every full-time site will receive a thorough and comprehensive accounting of the shifts events by the on-duty Security Officer and patrol / alarm sites will receive an Incident Report for any incidents that occur. Each report will cover who, what, when, where and why and will also contain pictures taken from body-cam and dash-cam footage, in addition to all pertinent information, such as the police case numbers and evidence collected. Each report is archived in our database and is searchable and retrievable at anytime, allowing us to collect data on ongoing criminal activity. Our reports have been used in court to obtain judgments in our clients’ favor and one attorney praised ours as the best he’s ever seen. For property managers, they are able to know what is occurring in the community when they are off site as well as early notification of needed repairs.

Daily Activity Report

Alarm Response Service

Alarm Response is one of the most routine but high-risk calls for security and law enforcement. Due to budget constraints and an abundance of alarm installations, many municipalities either do not respond to alarms, or require a license and significant charges to respond to alarm calls.
As a result, we have developed an alarm-response service that is tailored to each client’s specific needs and geographic location. Once our 24/7 dispatch receives the alarm call, a local Security Officer will immediately be sent to the location to investigate the alarm.
The SO will enter and clear the building, if any intruders are found; they will be apprehended and handed over to law enforcement for criminal charges and prosecution with all of our evidence to assist (bodycam footage, etc). For false alarms, the SO can reset the alarm or wait until a representative arrives to do so. A full report and accounting of the incident will be sent to the client.


Flexibility & Responsiveness

We pride ourselves on how flexible and fast we respond to our clients’ requests, issues and concerns. We have the staffing of 30 to 40 full-time personnel, plus 10 part-time, in three states to undertake larger projects but are small enough that we can quickly reallocate resources and even the CEO is available at any time.

General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Risk mitigation and insurance against loss is a priority for us, and as such we carry a total of four (4) million-dollars in security-industry specific general liability insurance, as well as one (1) million dollars in workers compensation insurance and one (1) million dollars in vehicle insurance. We have never had any claims made, losses or occurrences since our inception in 2014.

Static & Patrol Services

Executive Protection 

Security Operation Centers

Surveillance & Counter Surveillance


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