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Alpine Protective Solutions is a professional, modernized and sophisticated operation.  We incorporate recruitment of quality Security Officers, many with former military, police or self-defense practitioners.  Technological advancements in the field, combined with trained aggressive enforcement action, allows us to be highly effective in securing sites, preventing crime and ensuring our clients’ peace of mind.

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Security Operation Centers

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David Gorsuch, CEO & President of Alpine Protective Solutions

David Gorsuch

CEO & President

David Gorsuch, CEO & President

David co-founded the firm after a combined ten years serving as a Paratrooper in the US Army’s premier Airborne Infantry Division and managing several elite personal security teams throughout Silicon Valley. Partnering with industry leaders, David frequently attends security symposiums, threat assessment seminars and is involved in extensive research and development projects fielding new technologies applicable to the safety of our clients.

David is primarily responsible for managing the daily operations of the firm and the strategic and tactical planning of protective security operations worldwide.

Highlighted Credentials

  • Essential Protection Skills Academy – GDBA, Inc.
  • Executive Protection Service Master Academy – BTI, Inc.
  • High Speed Evasive Maneuvers course (Armored SUV) graduate
  • US Army 1-504th Parachute Infantry Regiment Full Contact Fighter
  • US Army Tactical Handgun & Rifle Marksmanship course graduate
  • US Army Combat Lifesaver Course graduate
  • US Army Expert Infantry School & Airborne School graduate
Logan White

Logan White

Operations Manager

Logan White, Operations Manager

Logan joined the firm at the inception of the Alpine Protective Solutions Patrol Division while concurrently beginning his college career in Business Administration. Logan quickly rose through the ranks to the upper echelon of the management team and has over a half-decade of experience conducting high-risk executive protection as well as coordinating and executing both large- and small-scale security operations across the west coast.

Logan is responsible for the direction of daily operations, logistical planning, and training of supervisory personnel.


Highlighted Credentials

  • Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Vehicle Operations Course
  • Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office Concealed Weapon Permit
  • Trident Firearm Academy – Handgun Defensive Tactics
  • Trident Firearm Academy – Handgun Combatives
  • Trident Firearm Academy – Extreme Close Quarter Handgun
  • Trident Firearm Academy – Carbine Defensive Tactics
  • Trident Firearm Academy – Shotgun Defensive Tactics
  • One on One Firearm Academy – Reactive Shooting
  • One on One Firearm Academy – Advanced Tactical Carbine
  • BSIS Guard, Baton, OC, ECD, Exposed Firearm, First Aid/CPR & ongoing APS Combatives Training
Sgt. Steve Reyes - Client Services Director

Sgt. Steve Reyes

Client Services Director

Sgt. Steve Reyes, Client Services Director

Steve joined the firm after serving several years serving as a Marine Rifleman in the US Marine Corps as part of the USMC’s elite Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team (FAST). Steve has deployed and conducted anti-terrorist operations in seven countries, in addition to domestically. He has operated in every capacity, from Rifleman and Grenadier to Team Leader.

Steve is primarily responsible for supervising the daily operations of our Security Patrol unit, assisting with setting up operations, conducting investigations of criminal activity and ensuring APS policies and guidelines are strictly enforced.

Highlighted Credentials

  • USMC School of Infantry
  • USMC Basic Security Guard School
  • USMC Designated Marksman School
  • USMC Advanced Urban Combat School
  • USMC Military Operations in Urban Terrain School (MOUT)
  • USMC Tactical Combat Casualty Care – Basic (Camp Lejeune, NC)
  • USMC Tactical Combat Casualty Care – Advanced (Rota Naval Base, Spain)
  • USMC Full-Contact unarmed combatives instructor
  • BSIS Guard, Baton, OC, ECD, First Aid & ongoing APS Combatives Training
Raymond Labes - Security Officer Administrator

Raymond Labes

Security Officer & Administrator

Raymond Labes, Security Officer & Administrator

Ray joined the firm after serving ten years as a Logistics Planner in the United States Air Force and a War Planner in the Department of Defense Operational Security section. Ray has assisted with planning large scale military deployment operations and conducting high-level operational briefings for senior officers and Department of Defense personnel worldwide.
Ray is our Administrator and handles all Daily Activity Report dissemination, patrol operations planning, scheduling and the data collection and management from arrests and investigations.

Highlighted Credentials

  • US Air Force – Basic Military Training Graduate
  • US Air Force – Personnel Contingency Operations Instructor
  • US Air Force – Unit Program Coordinator
  • Department of Defense – War Planner
  • Department of Defense – Cyber Security Liaison
  • Department of Defense – Operational Security Manager
  • Department of Defense – Security Clearance Monitor
  • First Aid & ongoing APS Combatives Training
Derek Little - Weapons Expert

Derek Little

Executive Protection Agent

Weapons Specialist

Derek Little, Executive Protection Agent, Weapons Specialist

Derek joined the firm after serving eight years in the US Army, most of which has been as a Paratrooper in the US Army’s premier Airborne Infantry Division. Derek was his unit’s Designated Marksman, Weapons Armorer and certified Modern Army Combatives trainer. After earning his Advanced Medical Combat Care provider certification, Derek went on to instruct soldiers in field and tactical medical care in the program that paved the way for what is now the Tactical Combat Casualty Course endorsed by the American College of Surgeons.

Since leaving the military, Derek has served as our firm’s Tactical Handgun & Rifle Instructor and serves on protective operations on a worldwide status.

Highlighted Credentials

  • Tactical Handgun & Rifle Instructor
  • Tactical Medical Instructor and Advanced Medical Care Provider
  • US Army Small Arms Weapons Armorer
  • US Army Combat Lifesaver Course graduate
  • US Army Expert Infantry School graduate
  • US Army Airborne School graduate

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